descriptionAn irssi plugin in perl to expand quotes from popular quote sites
ownerRalf Ertzinger
last changeMon, 19 Aug 2013 21:41:03 +0000 (23:41 +0200)
2013-08-19 Ralf ErtzingerMerge branch 'master' of ssh:// master
2013-08-15 Ralf ErtzingerFix deprecation warning
2013-08-15 Ralf ErtzingerAdd Amazon grabber
2013-08-15 Ralf ErtzingerFix typo
2013-08-15 Ralf ErtzingerBase: add simple_get() and ua() functions
2013-04-19 Ralf ErtzingerAdd grabber
2011-07-05 Ralf ErtzingerGermanBash: add as domain
2011-06-01 Ralf ErtzingerQdb: Properly encode text into UTF8
2011-02-05 Ralf Ertzingerquotesite: move supported command list into hash
2011-02-04 Ralf ErtzingerChange quotesite to use BettIrssi, clean up module...
2011-01-14 Ralf ErtzingerTwitter: Status URLs can be HTTPS, too
2010-11-23 Ralf ErtzingerTwitter: no need to encode/decode string
2010-11-23 Ralf ErtzingerTwitter: Decode HTML entities in tweet
2010-11-20 Ralf ErtzingeriBash: Fix broke quote format
2010-10-03 Ralf ErtzingerTwitterGrabber: handle "statuses" in URL
2010-10-01 Ralf ErtzingerTwitterGrabber: Add support for new tweet URL format...
9 years ago master