10 days ago Ralf ErtzingerMerge branch 'master' of ssh:// master
10 days ago Ralf Ertzingerts3: Allow mmap()
10 days ago Ralf Ertzingertf2: Allow mmap()
2019-03-16 Ralf ErtzingerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2019-03-16 Ralf ErtzingerAdd rtorrent
2018-01-10 Ralf Ertzingertf2: add to executables
2018-01-10 Ralf Ertzingertf2: Allow reading links
2017-12-19 Ralf Ertzingersubsonic: Add permissions to mmap files
2017-07-01 Ralf Ertzingersubsonic: Allow creation of directories
2017-07-01 Ralf Ertzingersubsonic: Allow read access to sysfs
2017-05-23 Ralf ErtzingerAdd directory read permissions for ro marked dirs
2017-05-22 Ralf Ertzingertf2: Mark Steam update script as usr_t so it runs uncon...
2016-12-20 Ralf ErtzingerAdd noatsecure to programs using LD_PRELOAD (CoD4,...
2016-12-04 Ralf ErtzingerAdd policy for subsonic
2016-12-04 Ralf ErtzingerUpdate cod4, q3a, quake2, tesseract, tf2, ts3 and ut200...
2016-12-04 Ralf ErtzingerAdd include directory with some helper interfaces
2015-08-24 Ralf Ertzingerquake2: Add execmem support
2015-08-24 Ralf Ertzingerq3a: Add support for ioquake binaries
2015-08-12 Ralf Ertzingertft: Silence default_t:dir reads
2015-08-12 Ralf Ertzingertf2: Update policies for maps directory
2015-08-12 Ralf ErtzingerAdd policy for teamspeak3
2015-08-11 Ralf ErtzingerUpdate module versions for rebuild
2014-11-14 Ralf ErtzingerAdd quake2
2014-11-14 Ralf ErtzingerTF2: add some files as read/write
2014-11-14 Ralf ErtzingerAdd rules for tesseract
2014-11-14 Ralf ErtzingerAdd rules for UT2004
2014-04-27 Ralf ErtzingerAdd Team Fortress 2
2014-04-26 Ralf ErtzingerAdd q3a policy
2014-04-26 Ralf ErtzingerAdd Call of Duty 4 policy
2014-01-19 Ralf ErtzingerAdd ZFS policy
2014-01-19 Ralf ErtzingerIgnore tmp directory
2014-01-19 Ralf ErtzingerAdd gitignore file
2014-01-19 Ralf ErtzingerAdd Make file