Remove installation of svc related files
[time-slider.git] / Makefile
2014-02-27 Ralf ErtzingerRemove installation of svc related files
2014-02-27 Ralf ErtzingerAdd proper permissions for executable files
2014-02-27 Ralf ErtzingerAdd RPM build infrastructure
2014-02-27 Ralf ErtzingerAdd systemd service file
2014-02-21 Ralf ErtzingerMakefile: install linux overlay files
2014-02-21 Ralf ErtzingerAutogenerate git-describe version numbers
2014-02-21 Ralf ErtzingerFix install path and arguments for GNU install
2014-02-12 Ralf ErtzingerReplace all mentions of /usr/bin/python2.6 with /usr...
2014-02-12 Ralf ErtzingerCheckin of 0.2.98 upstream source 0.2.98