descriptionLinux port of the Solaris time-slider package
ownerRalf Ertzinger
last changeSat, 4 Jan 2020 16:23:04 +0000 (16:23 +0000)
2020-01-04 Ralf ErtzingerUpdate to specify the python requirements master 0.2.98.python3.3
2019-11-09 Ralf ErtzingerChange all hashbangs 0.2.98.python3.2
2019-11-09 Ralf ErtzingerInitial attempt at python3 conversion 0.2.98.python3.1
2014-03-02 Ralf ErtzingerFix typo
2014-03-01 Ralf ErtzingerSet different message formats for stdout and syslog
2014-03-01 Ralf ErtzingerUse util.debug in config module
2014-03-01 Ralf ErtzingerMove util.debug and util.log_error to logging module
2014-03-01 Ralf ErtzingerIntroduce generic logging infrastructure
2014-02-28 Ralf ErtzingerAdd pygobject2 dependency to RPM
2014-02-27 Ralf ErtzingerForce default config values to be strings
2014-02-27 Ralf ErtzingerAdd %doc files to RPM
2014-02-27 Ralf ErtzingerAdd explicit CDDL license file
2014-02-27 Ralf ErtzingerFix paths in
2014-02-27 Ralf ErtzingerMove executables to /usr/libexec
2014-02-27 Ralf ErtzingerAdd --configdump command line option
2014-02-27 Ralf ErtzingerIntegrate default values into ConfigParser
2 years ago 0.2.98.python3.3
3 years ago 0.2.98.python3.2
3 years ago 0.2.98.python3.1
8 years ago 0.2.98 Tag 0.2.98 import
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